The following rules are a combination of state, federal and those of Winchester Auto Auction(WAA). They are administered by WAA, for the protection and added security of both buyer and seller. 

WAA's decisions in these matters are final and binding. Failure to abide by arbitration findings will result in the suspension of both buying and selling privileges.

WAA reserves the right to suspend, reject or terminate any dealership or agent application at its sole discretion, and its decisions shall be final.



Numbers may be reserved during normal working hours and may be made by phone or in person.



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday - 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Friday - 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Cancellation of numbers must be made no later than 11:00 am on Thursday, the day prior to the sale. After 11:00 am on Thursday, a cancellation of $20 per number will be assessed for any unused numbers.



* All dealers must be licensed by their state & registered with this auction before doing business.

* All dealers will provide new copies of licenses and checks and all changes pertaining to dealership when they are issued or as they occur. It is the dealer's respomsibility to update the dealership information on or before January 1st of each year or as changes occur.

* All authorized buyer's and seller's representatives must be listed on the application. The dealership is responsible for all transactionsof each of these representatives.

* NO retail customers or visitors are allowed. Any violation of this policy will result in temporary or permanent revocation of buying and selling privileges. Dealers are responsible for their employess.

*Personal check are not acceptable.

* A service fee of $100.00 wil be charged for all returned checks. Resitiution must be made from any balances due resulting from a returned check before any further business can be conducted at the auction (certified check or cash required). Any dealership that stops payment on a check to the auction will be barred from attending sales. Attorney fees and costs will be charges for collection. 

* All units purchased must be settled within (2) hours.

* The auction reserves the right to correct clerical errors.

* The auctioneer determines the successful bidder on any vehicles.

* Failure to sign or pay after being designated high bidder is a breach of the rules and makes said dealer liable for any losses or expense.

* Units may not be test driven on the sales lot and no vehicle may be moved from its numbered spot in the parking lot prior to it being purchased.

* Run Numbers such as "D" and "I" are "Damaged AS-IS/ Where Is" and are not subject to arbitration for reasons other than title or mileage discrepancies. "D" units may drive but are not road worthy, "I" units are non-driveable.

* All titles must be submitted before the unit crosses the block and must be in the selling dealer name. 

* If title has not been submitted prior vehicle crossinf the block the vehicle will be sold TA and a fee will be charged.

* The buyer is cautioned not to sell, make repairs, or place excessive miles on the vehicle until the title is received. All costs incurred are at buyer's expense. If title has been mailed from auction to buyer, buyer may not return vehicle. Buyer is required to notify auction before returning car.

* Any sale, without proper documents and not sold under the proper light, is subject to rejection. 



* "IF" sales are binding on the BUYER for two hours. Approval of the bid price withing two hours constitutes a sale. In the event the auction cannot reach the buyer withing the two hours, the "IF" sale will stand.


* Any vehicles and or personal property left on premises is done so at the owners risk. Since WAA does not take title to vehicles we do not assume responsibility for any theft. The titled owner must make a claim to his own insurance company.



* All vehicles left on our company property over 10 days will be considered abandoned, and will be subject to storage at $15 per day and towing at the dealers expense. Any vehicle and or personal property left on premises is done so at the owners risk.



* Any damage to a vehicle directly caused by WAA employee shall be repaired by New Stanton Auto Body.

* Internet Sales - Descriptions of vehicle damages are provided as a convienience and in many cases, a product of one individual's opinion. WAA will not be responsible for erroes. Decision of the auction will be final in all disputes.



Fees on returned vehicle- Buyers of T/A vehicles will be charged the IRS published standard mileage rate for excessive miles* put on the vehicle in the event the vehicle is returned for T/A.

* Excessive mileage is defined as twice the distance from the dealership to the auction plus 200 miles (IRS mileage rate is $.50/mile).



* All Chrysler Corporation differentials for noise.

* Intakes are arbitratable for current model year +3 model years only.

* All diesel engines.

* Frame damage on "AS-IS" vehicles sold for less than $2000.

* Altered frames on non-factory bodies such as limousines, plows and hitches.

* All suspension alterations must be announced.

Other terms and condidtions apply and may be found in WAA's Arbitration Policy and NAAA Structural Damage Policy links.

Click here to download the rules and regulations document.